Alphin Capital AG’s philosophy is to seek potentially profitable Oil & Gas assets in West Africa. Based on a unique functioning structure, Alphin Capital AG is able to develop and arrange financing for such assets.

To cut down E&P investment risk, a combination of banking and E&P talents has been put together to evaluate properly E&P investments and to provide the specific techniques of modern E&P financing. One of our objectives is to bring Equity Financing to indigenous African companies with oil assets. Such approach will prevent local communities’ issues encountered in West African countries. We are currently looking at investments opportunities in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Angola.

Investment’s Strategy for Alphin's customers (Investors)

- Take interests alongside fields owners and operators
- Finance early oil projects and back them until value is maximum
- Only invest in assets with sufficient data to assume the risk through a thorough in-house
- Outside certification of targeted Oil & Gas assets (Discoveries and brown fields)

As a privately owned company in Switzerland, we do not disclose financial information. Alphin Capital AG is conducted pursuant to Swiss law.